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Our courses are 100% asynchronous—meaning you can work through them whenever and wherever you like. With a hybrid of materials, our courses are designed for the independent learner.

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All of our courses are taught by seasoned experts with years of experience. Each instructor has “been there, done that” and is passionate about showing others the way.

"I cannot fathom a more meaningful investment of time. The course is robust and the materials covered extremely comprehensive. You will be more than satisfied with the experience. Brilliant instructors."

Scott Hulme
Nature Fresh Farms

"For a new user, this was a must for me. It really covered the basics of the accounting functions and best practices."

Marni Stallings

"If you’re new to NAV or if you’ve been using NAV for a while, this is the class for you."

Christopher Scrivner
Rava Ranches

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When you intentionally allocate resources to personal and professional development, you are setting yourself up for an incredibly high ROI. Using our courses, you can bring more depth to your own understanding of Dynamics 365 Business Central and become an even more valuable player just by choosing to learn.


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