$250.00 USD

Navigation and Personalization in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Get the essentials on how to move around in the software easily and how to personalize the software to make sense for the way YOU work.

This class covers the following topics in seven lessons:

  • Understanding Roles and the Role Center
  • Personalizing the Role Center
  • Utilizing Lists and FactBoxes
  • Deep Dive into Filtering
  • Arranging Cards and FastTabs
  • Common Error Messages
  • Using Business Central and Excel 
  • Creating Documents
  • Commonly Used Reports

Our classes are designed specifically for corporate adult learners. We provide lots of opportunities to try concepts on your own with hands-on exercises in your own software to help retain what you learn. Most students report they were able to apply what they learned immediately after class to help do their jobs right away and 100% of our students report learning more than one new thing in the first hour of class.

What People Are Saying:

I can’t believe we never knew how to truly organize our role center to get to our daily tasks quickly. We tracked how many times people used Tell Me to find things every day and we were averaging over 10-20 every hour! What a waste! We applied what we learned in class as a team and we are loving our software simply because now we really get how to use it. Thanks, New View!